10 Blog Post Ideas for Your Business Blog

Most businesses today have a blog or news section on their website, but it’s common to struggle with keeping it active. Coming up with news to write about regularly can be tough and time-consuming. Here are ten suggestions for blog posts you can write for your business blog:

1. Answer your customers’ questions

Do your salespeople encounter the same questions regularly? Gather them and answer them in your blog!

2. Interviews

Interview employees, partners, or industry experts. Video posts work well for this.

3. Tips & Guides

How to make the best use of your product? What tips and tricks do you have?

4. Customer Case Studies

Highlight your customers and tell their stories of how they use your product. This can also be done as an interview and/or video.

5. Staff Favorites

Let someone from your staff choose their favorite product from your range and explain why they like it.

6. Contests & Offers

Organize a contest or offer a special deal exclusively for your blog readers.

7. Industry News

Keep your readers updated on what’s happening in your industry. Have any new laws or decisions been made? Any new technological solutions or events that have an impact?

8. Checklists

Can you make it easier for your customers by creating checklists that add value to your product? For example, “10 things to consider before…” or “Quick installation with these steps…”

9. Current Events

What’s happening in your company? Are you exhibiting at a trade show, launching a new version of your product, or have a new employee? Keep your readers informed and feel free to show a behind-the-scenes look at your operations.

10. Charity and Community Involvement

Do you support any charitable causes or community organizations? Share more about this in a blog post.