8 Advantages of Online Appointment Booking

Are you considering accepting online bookings through your website? In this post, we list 8 benefits for you as a business owner (and your customers) of getting started with online appointment booking.

1. The system works for you 24/7
With an appointment booking system, you are no longer limited to your business hours but can accept bookings around the clock. This is convenient for your customers who may not have the opportunity to book during working hours. Now they can book on the bus, after a workout, or late at night when they realize they need to schedule an appointment. Online booking is a way to increase your bookings without requiring extra effort.

2. Time savings for both you and the customer
By allowing customers to book, cancel, and reschedule appointments at their convenience, they save time, and you avoid administrative work. Instead, you can focus all your attention on providing the best possible service to your customers in person.

3. Order and organization
All bookings are automatically added to the calendar, and the system prevents double bookings or missed appointments.

4. Always accessible and secure
With an online booking system, you only need an internet connection to access your calendar and bookings. Regular backups ensure that no data is lost.

5. Improved customer service
With a digital customer profile in the booking system, you can note the customer’s specific preferences, allergies, and more, allowing you to quickly offer better service. Customers can also receive help remembering their appointments through automated reminders via email or SMS (which is also financially beneficial for you as it reduces missed appointments).

6. Statistics and follow-up
With a digital booking system, it is much easier to track trends, evaluate the results of campaigns, or investigate when and why business is slow. The better understanding you have of your bookings, the better you can steer your marketing efforts (e.g., offering discounted prices during the low season) or plan for additional staff during peak times.

7. Advance payment
Collect payments directly through online payment methods such as Klarna, Stripe, or Swish.

8. Upselling opportunities
Link bookings to special offers for targeted and more effective upselling. For example, when booking a hair coloring appointment, the customer automatically receives a 20% discount on selected hair care products for colored hair.