Getting Started with SSL

Perhaps you’ve already set goals for your website and digital marketing for the upcoming autumn? A common goal, something we all want, is to rank high on Google. Something that has been talked about a lot recently is how important it is to have an SSL certificate on your website to achieve this.

What is SSL?

When you visit certain websites, you may notice that the address in the address bar starts with https:// instead of http://, sometimes accompanied by a green padlock. The “S” in https:// stands for secure, indicating that your connection to the website is encrypted.

Google LOVES secure websites and has changed its algorithms to give websites with SSL an extra boost in search results (just like mobile-friendly websites). Furthermore, some web browsers (such as Firefox) have started warning visitors if a website is not secure and lacks SSL.

How do I get SSL?

SSL can usually be easily obtained through your web hosting provider (e.g., Loopia) and then needs to be configured for your website. We are happy to assist you with this! Contact us for more information.