Managing Widgets: Footer or Sidebar

Widgets are a feature in WordPress that allows you to easily manage content displayed on multiple or many pages. A common use case is having a footer with contact information, where the same information is displayed regardless of the page the visitor is on.

If you have an e-commerce site (WooCommerce), this is also where you can find search and filtering options for the sidebar in your webshop.

Where can I find my widgets?

  1. First, log in as usual to your WordPress admin panel (wp-admin).
  2. Then, click on Appearance > Widgets in the left-hand menu.

Adding widgets

On the left side of the Widgets page, you will see the available widgets to choose from. These can be simple widgets like text and image, or more advanced ones like calendars, ad space, or a list of recent blog posts.

On the right side, you have your Widget Areas, which determine where your widget will appear. For example, you can have “Footer – Column 1”. If you drag and drop a widget into “Footer – Column 1”, it will appear in the first column of the footer on all pages.


Editing a widget

To edit a widget, click on the small arrow on the right to expand the editing mode. There you will find various options depending on the type of widget. In a text widget, you will see a text editor where you can enter the desired text just like usual. Click “Save” when you are done.

Removing a widget

Click the arrow to expand your widget just like when editing. Then, click on the red link “Remove” at the bottom left.