Spring Clean Your Website

It’s a good practice to regularly go through and “clean up” your website to ensure that everything is functioning properly and that visitors can easily find the information they’re looking for.

Feel free to use this checklist:


☐ Is all the information still up to date? Proofread and review all texts.
☐ Do all the links on the website work?
☐ Are all the contact details correct?
☐ Do all the contact forms work?
☐ Do you have functioning links to all the social media platforms where you are active?

Design & layout:

☐ Are you using high-quality images? Replace small, blurry, or outdated images.
☐ Is all the text easy to read? Avoid small font sizes, ornate fonts, and low contrast between text color and background.
☐ Does your website look good and function well in different web browsers?
☐ Does your website look good and function well on mobile devices and tablets?


☐ Clean up any image archives and remove images that are no longer used.
☐ Take the opportunity to change passwords for any logins.