Trend Forecast 2022 – Part 3: Social Media & Digital Communication

Social media is growing in terms of usage (as much as 95% of all internet users are on social media!) and its applications. Social shopping and social search are just a few highlights. We eagerly anticipate what will unfold in 2022!


As social media continues to grow, it becomes increasingly challenging to stand out. In 2022, you’ll need a solid marketing strategy and allocate funds to sponsor posts or create campaigns to reach your target audience. Many are discovering the advertising opportunities on platforms like Pinterest and Snapchat. In particular, Pinterest caters to more purchase-oriented audiences. Users visit to find inspiration for renovations, for example, providing the perfect opportunity to advertise your construction materials or whatever products you offer. Influencers remain an effective way to expand brand reach, and micro-influencers play a significant role in growing your customer base.


Video content remains highly engaging, especially on Instagram, where Reels and Stories have made a significant impact, transforming the platform as a whole. TikTok, the platform that ignited the video trend, continues to be influential. When working with video formats, remember to keep them short, concise, and captivating, especially on Instagram and TikTok. If you want to create longer-format videos, turn to YouTube. Don’t be afraid to start and experiment to find what works best for your business, product, or service.


It’s hard to miss the growing opportunities for social media commerce, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the possibilities will continue to expand, such as through live shopping experiences. There are various ways to set up your store directly on platforms like Instagram or through links to your existing webshop. Leveraging livestreaming and turning shopping into an “event” has proven increasingly attractive. Consider how you can utilize this, such as for product launches or showcasing popular items from your inventory. If you offer services, don’t underestimate the value of using video demonstrations to showcase your service and receive real-time feedback.

Learn more about live shopping here!


SEO (search engine optimization) has long been a topic of discussion, but now it’s time to focus on SMO (social media optimization). Statistics show that we increasingly use social media for search purposes. Google no longer holds the monopoly on search algorithms. When we plan vacations or shop, we prefer searching for information on social media. This shift is driven by our desire for more personalized and easily accessible recommendations. As we spend more and more time on social media, it’s only natural that we gather information through this channel as well.


Just like in many other areas, personalized content is highly sought after. Brands must listen to their audience more, highlighting what’s relevant to “you.” Location-specific content will also become more important. Utilizing user-generated content (UGC) will remain popular and is a crucial aspect of brands’ ability and willingness to listen to their target audiences. It’s no longer about guesswork in marketing but about collecting firsthand data from consumers, which hopefully leads to more relevant content. It’s a win-win for both consumers and producers.

In conclusion, social media continues to be a vital player in companies’ marketing efforts and their ability to be seen and interact with customers. It’s well worth investing extra time and energy into it.

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